I am going to hell….

由 Majo
It’s like smoking opium
I am addicted and cannot stop
Just yesterday I decided to save money, stop buying…
use my money for some bigger and greater things.
but… then…
today, I saw these upcoming new releases from several of my favorite brands…
those little worms in my heart started to move again, my heart is itching with fire…

I cannot resist…
I know, next month, when these things are available,
I will give in my money and surrender.

Just some example pics of things I want, don’t want to post too many pics here, coz I know… some of you will be going to hell with me…. so… I leave it to you to find them out… hoping to save u from this endless road to destruction.  haha~~


One Comment to “I am going to hell….”

  1. hello majo~~i m so sad today
    ~~~coz ,,you know ..my argentina!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    lavshuca is awesome~~~i ve been using them for a while~~~but just dont like japaness product very much~~~..hahha~~do we have this line in the states now??or you purchase them online~~what else is good???let me know on msn~~hahaha~~love ya~~you are the expert of JP lines!!!My dad is going to Japan in July~~so lucky,,,i dont have chance to go this summer~~sucks1!!!suckss1!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaa  take care


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