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十一月 11, 2011

Explorer Tintin’s Footsteps

由 Majo
正好这边有人详细列出来了,哈哈哈  The intrepid explorer Tintin
My 目标:总有一天要在数量上面超越丁丁  ^__^


Prisoners of the Sun

  • Destination: Andes, South America
  • What to see: Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru; and Eva Peron museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Blue Lotus

  • Destination: Shanghai, China
  • What to see: Jade Buddha Temple, Huangpu River and the Bund

Flight 714

  • Destination: Indonesia and islands around it
  • What to see: Kalimantan tropical rainforests; Coral fringed Gili Islands; and volcano-dominated Berastagi in Sumatra

Tintin in America

  • Destination: Chicago
  • What to see: Chicago History Museum; MIllennium Park; and All about chocolate at Field Museum

Cigars of the Pharaoh and The Red Sea Sharks

  • Destination: Egypt
  • What to see: The Pyramids; Gebel el-Shayib at Hurghada; and Deir Mar Boulos or St Paul’s Monastery

Tintin in the Congo

  • Destination: Congo
  • What to see: Nyiragongo Volcano; Loufoulakari Falls; capital city Brazzaville

The Black Island

  • Destination: England
  • What to see: Cadbury chocolate factory and museum, Birmingham; Buckingham Palace, London; and Westminister Abbey

The Calculus Affair

  • Destination: Geneva, Switzerland
  • What to see: European headquarters of the UN; the romantic Rousseau Island; and the idyllic charms of The Old Town

The Shooting Star

  • Destination: Iceland
  • What to see: Aurora borealis (northern lights); New Year’s bonfires and fireworks display in Reykjavik

Tintin in the Land of the Soviets

  • Destination: Moscow
  • What to see: The Kremlin and Red Square; Bolshoi Theatre; and the State Tretyakov Gallery

Tintin in Tibet

  • Destination: Tibet
  • What to see: Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarover; Samye, the first Tibetan monastery; and Guge kingdom’s Buddhist relics




Belgium is famous for many things — exquisite chocolates, fried mussels, the artist Rubens and, of course, the intrepid little explorer with a quiff, Tintin. First created in 1929 by Georges Prosper Remi, aka Hergé, the comic strip kid has since appeared in 24 albums, selling 350 million copies, in over 70 languages. The new film, the Adventures of Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn, is already causing a stir in cinemas around the world. Directed by Steven Spielberg, it’s a 3D-animated marvel. Tintin is a product of Belgium and there is no better time than now to discover all that this small but lively European country has to offer.

Brussels – It’s a Grand Place

Brussels has rightly gained a reputation as one of Europe’s must-see destinations. Start off in the spectacular Grand Place dominated by the 17th-century City Hall. Pause for a pick-me-up hot chocolate and a Belgium waffle at Funambule Waffles (5 Rue de l’Etuve) before heading to the Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art. ( The collection is housed in an Art Nouveau architectural masterpiece designed by Victor Horta and visitors can discover what it takes to put together a comic strip. There are also wonderful displays of cartoon art from artists around the world and, of course, from Belgium’s most famous cartoonist Hervé. Have a relaxed dinner at Leon (18, rue des Bouchers), one of Brussels best restaurants. Don’t miss the fried mussels with French fries or the chicken with onion and white cheese sauce.

Louvain La Neuve – Hergé Museum and Tintin

Tintin fans are well looked after with a special museum dedicated to the fearless little adventurer and his creator, Hervé. It’s just a short train ride from Brussels to the town of Louvain La Neuve where the Hergé Museum ( traces Tintin’s evolution from an almost featureless line-drawing in the original newspaper strip to a fully-formed, full-colour character in later editions. He gained his trademark quiff after a ride in an open-top car in the 1929 adventure, The Land of The Soviets. The modern museum also charts the introduction of sidekicks Snowy the dog; the cursing Captain Haddock — named after the reply Hergé received when he asked his wife what was for dinner; and the vain, glass-shattering opera star Bianca Castafiore — a dig by Hergé at his opera-loving wife.

Antwerp – The Charm of Rubens

Art reigns supreme in Antwerp and there are plenty of opportunities to discover the work of the city’s most famous son — Peter Paul Rubens. Ruben’s House ( still maintains the ambience of the 17th century and the studio, where he painted is one of the most impressive rooms. Back outside on the cobblestones, spend some time wandering around the exquisitely preserved medieval streets lined with high, gable-roofed buildings with ornate façades. But not everything in Antwerp is old. MAS Museum ( is a stunning contemporary building where you can admire the works of some of the great European artists from across the centuries. Finish your visit on a sweet note with a treat of rich Belgian chocolates from Le Château Blanc (1 Turfbrug).

Bruges – Picture-Postcard Perfect

You’ll find one of Europe’s best preserved medieval towns bursting with life and adventure. Set around a number of picturesque canals, it’s perfect for romantics who wish to linger taking in the views. For a relaxed experience, hire bicycles and pedal your way around.

Diamond lovers will adore the special museum dedicated to this sparking stone. The Diamond Museum ( has special exhibitions covering all aspects of the precious gem. Get panoramic views across Bruges after climbing the 366 steps of the belfry connected to the Cloth Hall on Grote Market Square. On the way down, pause for a moment to admire the clock mechanism and the carillon of 47 bells.

Follow Tintin on his adventures to far-flung destinations across the globe

By Scott Adams, Special to tabloid! on Saturday

Published: 00:00 November 12, 2011




七月 18, 2009

溫暖的童年回憶 漫畫博物館 《臥虎藏龍比利時 Chapter 8》

由 Majo
布鲁塞尔是欧洲漫画的首都,这里是丁丁和蓝精灵的故乡。除了专门设立有漫画博物馆以外,整个城市的墙上还都零散图画着很多色彩鲜艳的漫画壁画 Comic Murals.  这些壁画并没有固定在某一处,通常就是在某个繁华的街口,一扭头一转身之中就突然发现。
April 08, 2009  3:00PM
每个人的心里面都住着一个孩子。就算你今天或许都没有在看漫画书动画片,但是当你决定要把漫画博物馆当作一个目的地的时候,当你踏入其中的时候,你就会发现,你心里面的孩子跑出来了,很多很多童年的记忆都回来了。Do You Still Remember Me?
布鲁塞尔的漫画博物馆 Belgian Centre of Comic Strip Art,是我在布鲁塞尔最期待的地方。虽然我也不能称得上是什么超级大的漫画迷,不过我很是好奇漫画博物馆是什么样子的,也都想看看丁丁看看蓝精灵。于是从Dinant回来,就快步的从中央火车站走去博物馆所在的旧城区东北角。
漫画博物馆的建筑是比较新颖的新艺术风格 Art Nouveau, 19世纪末20世纪初那是时髦的东西。透亮的天花板采用自然采光,赋予了这个原本的仓库建筑很多声气。博物馆的一楼是大厅和礼品店,二三楼是展览厅。天花板是从一楼直接通到顶楼的,所以每一层都很亮堂,虽然今天天气很阴。
后来开学了,恰巧不少同学也都在暑假看了这动画,于是大家课余之间就是讨论这些。那个时候我们最爱玩角色扮演,每个同学都是一个精灵。名字里面有健的就是健健,学习最好的就叫做聪聪,比较呆的叫笨笨。然后我在这里要很不要脸的告诉大家,我是那个蓝妹妹。这个好像是我们班的大班长给起的,其实我都淡忘了,还是后来我一个小学同学写信提醒我的。" 不太记得小时候是怎么认识你的,只记得可爱的你被大家宠着,被人关心着,却时时不会忘记给我微笑,送我温暖,带着可爱的表情告诉我蓝精灵的故事… 大家都亲切的叫你蓝妹妹。"
蓝精灵展区有很多以前的原稿画,蓝精灵蘑菇家的模型,还有他们的小衣服。其实我现在都把故事忘记了,人物也就只记得蓝爸爸 蓝妹妹 健健 聪聪 笨笨 格格巫 阿兹猫。 但是这些可爱的小人, 你能不爱吗?那边还有一个很大的蓝精灵村画框,我都好想要搬回家哦,出发前就决定了要在比利时买一些蓝精灵摆设回家的。这天还刚好博物馆内的放映厅在放蓝精灵的故事,貌似是他们找到了一个魔蛋。
除了蓝精灵和丁丁的展区比较大之外,二楼的大厅四周还有特别的日本漫画展区。这些日本漫画对我来说接触的就比别的展区的欧洲漫画来得多得多啦。几乎每一个展柜里面都能找到我认识的东西。这些里面,最最古老的可能就是阿童木Astro Boy了。
阿童木年代久远到貌似我上学前看的呢。我记得我3-4岁的时候生过一次大病,有一段每天还要去医院打针。我妈就买了铁臂阿童木的图画书来给我看,好让我分散注意力。那个之后我也就再也没有看过了,今天就只记得一个什么博士发明的阿童木,然后他脚上有火箭会飞,还貌似某一集里面不知道是折腰了还是断了胳膊。今天在这里还能看到它,说明这个人物在漫画历史里程碑里面有举足轻重的地位啊。我自己也都觉得好像参与了历史有种很自豪的感觉。(另外阿童木的动画电影秋天要上了,我到时候肯定都会去追忆一把淡忘的童年岁月啦~ )
在这个日本亚洲漫画展区内,我能认出来最多的就是近代的漫画了。真得很惊奇这些东西飘洋过海的到了这里变成了某种特色的漫画里程碑。这一区是按照漫画内容分得,比如古典,侦探,少女,日本文化,主题故事。当然不排除有的特别有名的还单独有一个展窗,比如宫崎骏的, Death Note, 凡尔赛的玫瑰, 神之雫…  我很高兴的还在这里面发现了我最喜欢的漫画作者渡濑悠宇,不过却没有看到我最爱的漫画梦幻游戏。
一个一个展窗的看过去,如数家珍一般的数数我有哪些是看过的,听过的…  最后总结下来的就是,我的童年岁月是很彩色的呢。其实小时候有的漫画家长不让看的,因为内容有点太成熟了。不过俺都有一颗好奇的心,所以有的是我长大以后看的,或者有的新的有名的漫画我要是有兴趣也都去科普一把。
最后呢,我在这里包下了一只蓝妹妹,一只困困,还有一个粉色的巴巴爸爸。 我都是买的小号的,其实那大号的蓝精灵更加的精致啊。只是无奈每一个都有我1/4个箱子大,我搬不回家。要是我住在欧洲的话,我就都给它买一套了。
***  相关信息  ***
地址: Zandstraat / Rue des Sables, 20, 1000 Brussels 
布鲁塞尔店地址: Rue de la Colline 13, Ilôt Sacré, 1000 Brussels
布鲁日店地址: Steenstraat 3, 8000 Brugge
Haddock船长的家Marlinspike Hall: 
原型是法国 Loire Valley 卢瓦尔河流域 里面的Château de Cheverny.
Château de Cheverny 里面有个固定的展览,Tintin’s Room.  里面有很多丁丁的图画和根据漫画中制作的景物摆设:  (呵呵呵~~ 等我以后去Loire Valley看城堡群的时候, 就要顺便再去看一下丁丁了。)
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五月 22, 2009

2009春游记 Intermission II : Happy Birthday to 丁丁的爸爸

由 Majo
我的旧识老友们,如果你们被骗进来了,还非常惊奇的以为那个谁什么时候有了儿子了呢?那你们八卦的心态就要落空了。今天虽然也是咱们老朋友的生日,但是我要post的是真的丁丁的父亲,比利时很有名的漫画家 Hergé 。今天是他诞辰102年的日子。哈~ 我预谋此篇blog很久了,要踩点真得不容易啊。所以昨天才拼死拼活的也要写完那篇paris.
Hergé,本名叫 Georges Prosper Remi 。你可以不认识他,但是你应该认识丁丁吧。不过也可能如果是90后的孩子不一定知道,但是丁丁的故事真得非常吸引人的。至少说,我看过的漫画,包括少女漫画现代漫画,这篇真的是经典可以流传千古给子孙后代的。我相信一定有很多个现在的大人,小的时候,或者甚至今天依旧,梦想着可以变成丁丁或者是丁丁的白雪去世界各地探险。
中间那些年我印象不深刻了,可能是因为学习所以看课外书少了吧。记得再次对丁丁印象深刻的是我来到了美村以后。那个时候人生地不熟的,也不会说英文,放学后只能去泡图书馆看少儿读物。记得有一次,我在Mitchell Park Library的书架上,看到了非常熟悉的洋葱头。拿出来一看,果然就是丁丁,当天我把那里所有的丁丁的书都借回家了。虽然书都是英文,我那个时候还看不懂;但是故事我都记得啊,所以光是看画我也能猜到字的意思。这种感觉就好像在异乡碰到了老朋友,特别的亲切。
回到家里以后呢,我又拿出来了几年前买的那套丁丁,开始一本一本的看。故事依旧还是多少记得的,可是再看还是津津有味。也许之前几次还忽略了不少作者揭露的当时的世界各地社会背景以及政治问题的桥断,这次再读就picked up 很多隐喻的东西.  虽然物转星移,时间过去了很久;但是今天看这书的我,和十几二十几年前坐在窗口看这书的我一样,心中都是充满着梦想和正义感的。这么好的作品,真得非常庆幸丁丁的爸爸有写出来,这应该是再过上50年100年,都是依旧可以萌发很多人想飞的心的著作。  
出发前就已经决定了,不惜一切金钱的代价一定要买丁丁的摆设回家。最后一天在布鲁塞尔,我们拿着长长的shopping list,第三次到了丁丁的专卖店。潇洒的把单子递给sales,他们忙忙碌碌的帮我们拿货,我们继续去拍摄店里面的丁丁们。那里面的东西真得非常得多,一般丁丁的摆设有3种size, 最小的每个不到10euro, 中等的大概就是20-30, 那大的呢,就很夸张的增倍到200-300 euro的价格。不过我也看到有mini的不知道是不是 金子的芯 彩色的漆 的售价是250. 我们呢,银子有限,箱子空间有限,但是我们两个加上帮朋友买的,可以说是把所有中等大小店内有货的丁丁都买了。Sale 非常大放的送了我一个大大的丁丁袋子,不是一次性的哦,是可以连续使用的布的哦。虽然我不是我们买的这些东西里面的大户拥有者,不过看在我奔波的份上,我自己做主把这个袋子给A下了。哈哈哈~~
***  相关信息  ***
布鲁塞尔店地址: Rue de la Colline 13, Ilôt Sacré, 1000 Brussels
布鲁日店地址: Steenstraat 3, 8000 Brugge
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四月 6, 2009

The Trip Continues~ From the City of Lights to the City of Chocolates

由 Majo

我们甚至还说,还有很多to do list 将来要来一一圆满。

And Then ~~
~~ ~~

离开了City of Lights~~ 我们的旅行延续在City of Chocolates.
今天变成了Manikan Pis
Again~~ it is waiting to be find out~~~
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