I read this today – Five Reasons to Skip College

由 Majo
1. You’ll be losing four working years.
There’s an opportunity cost associated with going to college: Not only will you lose the money you’ll have spent on tuition, you’ll also be out the amount of money that you could have made if you’d worked during those four years. And if your family isn’t wealthy enough to pay for your education on their own, you’ll also owe a hefty amount in interest payments for your student loans. Perhaps more importantly, with four years of experience on your resume, you’ll be far better off when looking for work than the average 22-year-old college graduate.
2. You won’t necessarily earn less money.
College grads earn an average 62% more over the course of their careers than high school grads. But economist Robert Reischauer of the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., argues that those numbers are skewed by the fact that smarter kids are more likely to go to college in the first place. In other words, the profitability of higher education is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  
3. In fact, you could probably make more money if you invested your tuition.
Put $160,000–the approximate cost of a Harvard education–into municipal bonds that pay a conservative 5%, and you’ll have saved more than $500,000 in 30 years. That’s far more than the average college grad will accumulate in the same amount of time.
4. You don’t need to be in a classroom in order to learn something.
Truly motivated learners can teach themselves almost anything with a couple of books and an Internet connection. Want to learn a hands-on skill or trade? Consider an apprenticeship.
5. Plenty of other people did fine
Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Quentin Tarantino, David Geffen, and Thomas Edison, among others, never graduated from college. Peter Jennings and John D. Rockefeller never finished high school.
其实以前我就深深体会到了, 天才不用上学, 有本事的人不用上学. 至于普通人, 还是要的. 一普通人没事学人家天才不学习, 那是自挖坟墓的做法.
我不是天才, 所以书我还是念了很多. 不过感觉的确还是在走出学校以后学到更多的知识.  这条路不一定确保是大富大贵路, 但却是一个人成长的必要里程. 普通人群中, 那念过书的就是和没有念过的不一样啊!!! 那个关系到一个人的素质和气质问题.
如果你是天才, 赶紧挫学.
如果你是普通人, 又想要做一个有世界观, 有素质深度, 受人尊敬的人.  乖乖念书吧.

One Comment to “I read this today – Five Reasons to Skip College”

  1. 俺虽然自认在大学里没真的学到什么,但是并不后悔念了大学。


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