由 Majo
1. It’s so funny how we set qualifications for the right person to
    love, while at the back of our minds we know that the person we truly
    love will always be an exception.
2. There would come a time when we have to stop loving someone not
    because that person started hating us but because we found out that
    they’d be happier if we let them go…
3. You will know when you really love someone when you want him to be
    happy even if their happiness means you are not a part of it.
4. If someone comes into your life and becomes a part of you but for
    some reasons he couldn’t stay, don’t cry too much… just be glad that
    your paths crossed and somehow he made you happy even for a while.
5. There are some things that we never want to let go of… people we
    never want to leave behind; but keep in mind that letting go is not the
    end of the world, but rather it is the beginning of a new life.
6. Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want him or her
    to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all he or she have.
7. Remember that the best relationship is when your love for each
    other is greater than your need for each other.
8. Two tear drops were floating down the river. One teardrop said to
    the other, "I’m the teardrop of a girl who loved a man and lost him.
    Who are you?"…" I’m the teardrop of the man who regret letting a girl
9. You’ll know that you miss someone very much when everytime you
    think of that person, your heart breaks into pieces and just a quick
    "Hello" from that person can bring the broken pieces back…
10.When you love someone, draw a circle around their name instead of a
    heart because hearts can be broken but circles never end.
11.Just a thought: What would you do if the only person who could
    make you stop crying is the person who makes you cry?
12."Every step I took since the moment I could walk was a step towards
   finding you."
13.It’s really painful to say goodbye to someone else that  you don’t
    want to let go; but it’s even more painful to ask someone to stay if
    you can never make the relationship work out the way it should be.
14.LOVE? it’s kind of complicted, but I’ll tell you this… the second
    you’re willing to make yourself miserable to make someone else
    happy, that’s love right there…
15.If I had the letters "HRT", I can add "EA" to get a "HEART" or a "U"
    and get "HURT". But I’d rather choose "U" and get "HURT than have a
    "HEART" without "U"…
16.Giving someone all your love is not an assurance that he will love
    you back. Don’t expect love in return, wait for it to grow in his
    heart, if it doesn’t, be contented it grows in you.
17.It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like
   someone, and a day to fall in love with someone but it takes a lifetime
   to really forget someone you have grown to love.
18.When friends fall in love, it means they are meant for each other.
    But when friends fall out of love, it means they want to keep each
    other forever…
19.Don’t be too good i will miss you. don’t be too caring, i might
    like you. Don’t be too sweet, I might fall. It’s hard for me to love
    you when you won’t love me after all…
20.A heart truly in love never loses hope but always believes.
21.If you love me, please let me know because it hurts to  love when
    you have to go. Take care of me, don’t go away because if you love me,
    you will stay… i love you and do you know why?
    "You got me when you first said ‘Hi’."
23.A man realized he wanted his love back. Not wanting to get hurt, the
    girl said ‘no’. The man cried to God and asked ‘If it is meant to
    be, why did I lose her?" God replied, " My child, you didn’t lose her,
    you let her go…"
24.Of all the words of tongue and pen, these are the saddest: "It
    could have been…"
25.No garden is complete without a rose to make it sweet. No life is
    ever full without someone to share it with, so take care of the person
    you love.
26.When all the wishes in your heart, all the dreams you’ve ever had,
    and all the things you’ve always hoped for soared into the sky and were
    reflected in someone else’s eyes; then you’ve found your destiny…
27.It’s always better to have found the courage to love even if you
    lose it in the end rather than never found love because you were too
    afraid of the challenge.
28.It’s best to wait for the one you want than settle for the one
    available, best to wait for the one you love than the one who’s around,
    best to wait for the right one because life is too short to be
    wasted on the wrong person.

30.Did you know that the expression "Wala Lang" is the subconcious
    mind’s way of saying I love you…. D’you know why I’m telling you
31.I cry for the time that you were almost mine, I cry for the
    memories I’ve left behind, i cry for the pain, the lost, the old the
   new…  I cry for the times I thought I had you!
32.Relationships are like glass, sometimes it is better to leave them
    broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together, or worse,
    have nothing strong to bind it together.
33.You never lose in loving. You only lose in holding back.
34.Don’t throw your back to love when it’s already in front of you,
    don’t drive it away from you because if you did, someday you’ll think
    again why you let love fly away when it was once next to you.
35.I will not love you for the rest of your life but for the rest of
36.You make me smile for no reason whatsoever, you make me laugh at
   the unfunniest things, but most of all, you make me love you When I
    shouldn’t be loving you.
37. I shouldn’t love to fill an empty space… But to have somebody
   stay by his as the missing place in this life heals his own.
38.The greatest challenge in our life is to find someone who knows
    our flaws and differences and yet still willingly embraces you with so
    much love.
39.When you look for the right person, you always end up with the wrong
    one. But when you just sit by the corner and wait, he comes along and
    shares the corner with you.
40.If time never stands still, I’ll never leave your side. It may be
   too hard for me at times that you will not see me; but in my heart,
   you’ll always be found.
41. If I were to describe love, I would compare it with what one
   snowman did to another snowman — he gave her a warm embrace and
   together they melted in each other’s arms.
42.The spaces between our fingers were created so that another person’s
   fingers could fill them in.
43."Whenever I watch romantic movies, witness couples kiss and
   make-up, listen to love songs… I smile and feel good ’cause I know
   that love still works, if not for me, at least to others." 
      –Ally McBeal
44.I have to admit that I fell in love twice. First was with you and
   second was with the person you became when you were already mine.
       — Joey, Dawson’s Creek
45." After the pain a formal feeling comes… First the chill, then
    the stupor, then the letting go…."

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